Nomads. Ep1: The Iliad

  • Self-edited Book.
  • 166 pages. 
  • Analog photography.
  • 17x24cm.
  • Limited edition of 100.
  • Includes postcards & posters.
  • Designed and printed in Spain.




Our thirst for exploration has transformed our species. From nomads to astronauts, creating and developing new innovations. Opening the world and conditioning it.

We are explorers. We explore, not only to reach new horizons but for what happens during the trip. It is in the adventure where we discover who we really are. Our discoveries about the world rival what has been revealed about the human condition. We risk our lives in the search for new frontiers, new experiences, new skills and new knowledge. 

The spirit of discovery comes standard in our biology, our culture, our philosophy, our mythology. The spirit and excellence will help us to know more about ourselves, they will guide us to face the adventure.

This trip has just begun. We sail unexplored seas because there is new knowledge waiting us to be gained.

Graffiti is to travel, and the writer is a Nomad. 

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