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  • 1 colour hand screen-printed on the front.
  • Logo hand screen-printed on the back.
  • 100% Semi-combed cotton 190gr.
  • Reinforcing tape at neck.
  • Elastane rib collar.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Classic cut.

Remember to clean your cans.

These little lines do not deceive and distinguish us from everyone else. You were born with a fingerprint pattern on your hands and feet and you'll die with the same tracks. If you commit a crime, your fingerprints on the scene will identify you because they are not easy to erase. This is because each finger has moisture and oils that penetrate in any absorbent surface.

In 1892 there was the first arrest based on fingerprints left at the crime scene: a woman accused his neighbor of murdering her children. At the door they left bloody marks with fingerprints, which were used to verify that the neighbor was innocent and the killer was the mother.

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